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Article by Alessandro Terzi - 20th September 2016

I've choose ten photos to show how much seasons, weather conditions and technique can influence the final photo. Yes, because a smart landscape photographer should create different photos and document the same place during seasons. As nature photographer I'm used to spend a lot of time in producing different photos with the usage of different techniques and trying to create photos able to describe completely the nature all around me.

In this case we are at the edge of the Gran Sasso National Park, in a small area in which it is possible to create sunset as well as sunrise photos, because the main direction is the north. In a location like this it is a good idea to try different perspectives putting in the foreground some rocks or natural objects.

Also, it could be very useful try to experiment long exposure with strong ND filter. I always use a 10 stop Tiffen filter combined with my favourite technique, the "hand made masking". Within last two hours of light using this filter it is possible to extend the exposure up to 2-3 minutes duration. The main problem with this technique is associated to high lights that I'm used to stop with a black cardboard that I move in front of the lens masking the high lights. This technique, typical of vintage post production techniques, permits good results.

First of all, it is very important to calculate the perfect exposure for the high lights and then to set the exposure as long as we need, about 2-3 minutes it is really perfect. Then the hard job is to mask with the black cardboard the part of the scene in which high lights are present for a period that results equal to the difference between the time related to final exposure and the exposure for the high lights. The final result is a photo with a right combination of masked high lights and normal lights. This will produce an histogram more balanced.

So, when we find a good location with a various foreground and a good background, we should try to photograph at least 3-4 times during the year, and 2-3 times during the day, obtaining a combination of up to 6-12 possible results. This is only an advice for who wants to get better results in his outdoor photography.

Here are some photos that show the different results obtained.

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