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Nature Photography pays serious attention to Nature. Excluding the photographer, in all Nature Details photos man is completely absent because Nature Details is interested only in showing the essence of Nature and the respect for the environment.

Nature Details makes photos of animals in their natural environment and rarely in controlled environments. Nature Details wants to lead the viewer to the Nature preservation because "without Nature we would be nothing".

Nature Details therefore decided to adopt this Code of Conduct in performing photographic activities, promising to:

  • share the ecological culture in all its forms;
  • respect animals, not invading their living space, especially in mating periods, because the subject and the habitats are more important than photography itself;
  • respect the inner laws of Natural Parks;
  • respect the rights of anyone who wants to take pictures or have enjoy of a scene;
  • not to interfere, damage, disturb, alter or manipulate the natural environment, the landscape, or objects within the environment;
  • use lenses of appropriate focal length to avoid getting too close to the subjects.

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