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Photo story by Alessandro Terzi - 30th June 2016

Going for a long time in the same place, and notice that something has changed. Stop the car, get off and realize that maybe there are conditions for pictures in proximity of herons and egrets when they are hunting.

It was early December 2011, while moving in the area surrounding the lake of Caprolace, one of the inner coastal lakes to the Circeo National Park, I noticed that the small lagoon next to the lake was completely separate form the lake due to deposits of branches, leaves and silt. Clearly, unlike in previous years when the lagoon and the lake communicated each others, with about two meters of the communication channel, that year's poor rains had failed to reconnect the small lagoon to the big lake.

In the lagoon there were hundreds of fish, especially eels. At the edge of the lagoon there were many white egrets, herons and egrets stationed numerous and confidants.

Hunger and the opportunity to catch several tends to make the animals more confident towards the disturbing elements that would normally put them to flight. In short, there was a profound difference from previous years and decided to take the opportunity to take some pictures. I started taking pictures with my 500mm lens. Herons with open wings to create the shadow from which distinguish each fish passage, egrets intent to stir the bottom of the lagoon to raise mollusks or to scare away the fish.

Some photos realized in that session.

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